Student Life

hg0088最新地址The character traits and abilities that make for a good life cannot be developed in an academic program alone. They come also from skills and habits instilled outside the classroom. That is why co-curricular activities are a crucial, required dimension of La Lumiere School. They enhance each student’s education, strengthen relationships with teachers, and deepen the community bond.


La Lu Life from a Student’s Perspective



After-School Activities & Requirements

hg0088最新地址Each student is required to participate in an after-school activity during the fall, winter, and spring activities/athletics seasons. Students must participate in at least one team (academic or athletic) and one athletic activity (whether independently or on a team) each year.

After-school activities include opportunities in athletics, academics, and other co-curriculars. Clubs at La Lumiere often meet during the Wednesday Activity time slot, during free periods in the school day, or during other free times.


Leadership at La Lumiere


The Prefect Leadership Program challenges a group of student leaders each year to serve their school through significant contributions in all areas of the school community, including student life, admissions, community service, spiritual life, residential life, and the overall quality of the school experience. These leaders oversee councils of selected students and together establish a full range of student ownership and involvement. All prefects uphold the motto and vision of the school and what it stands for in word, action, and deed. Leadership at La Lumiere is an intense commitment of time and energy, as student leaders perform their duties on top of normal student obligations.

The Office of Student Leadership also provides extensive support for students who want to serve the La Lumiere community through other means, including working side-by-side with students who are interested in developing special academic and co-curricular programming according to their talents and interests.


Academic Teams



hg0088最新地址Science Olympiad is an academic competition in which teams of 15 students compete in 23 different events covering areas in earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and problem solving. In Indiana, schools compete in regional competitions. The top teams at each regional advance to the Indiana State Science Olympiad Finals. The top two teams at the finals earn invitations to compete at the National Science Olympiad Competition. La Lumiere’s first Science Olympiad team was formed in 1992 and in 1993 La Lumiere advanced to the state finals for the first time. It has advanced every year since. Science Olympiad at La Lumiere is about learning in a cooperative environment while competing at the state level.

hg0088最新地址Our Science Olympiad Demo Day allows the team an opportunity to present the La Lumiere community with engineering projects that are currently being worked on in our Science Center. In addition to showing off projects, the science team engineers are able to practice operating their devices in a competition-like setting to prepare them for upcoming events.



hg0088最新地址Academia Cup is a competition that asks students to learn about many aspects of one topic (‘19-’20 it was the Cold War). Students learn about the history, science, fine arts, and literature of the era. The students write an essay, give a speech, conduct an interview, and participate in a team debate.  Each student must complete in all 8 events. The La Lumiere Academia Cup team was created in 2019. 


Academic Super Bowl is a team competition made up of three to five students who work to answer questions about fine arts, history, and literature related to the topic, as well as math and science. Here, students work in teams of three to five to answer questions about fine arts, history, and literature related to the topic, as well as math and science.

Service Opportunities

Blood drives and collections of items for those in need — our school comes together for good. All students perform a minimum of 45 hours of community service as a requirement for graduation.

Participation in community service is an important aspect of life for all La Lumiere students. Dorms, teams, and forms are all encouraged to sponsor at least one type of community service throughout the year. The Serviam Prefect works with the Dean of Student Life to organize and coordinate the calendar of events. La Lumiere encourages students to become involved in as many service projects as possible. We believe that serving others, whether it is “hands-on” or raising money, is a great way to give back to our local, national, and global communities.

hg0088最新地址La Lumiere students are very active in the larger community of Northwest Indiana, and beyond. Students participate in some projects on a weekly or daily basis such as visiting the local nursing home, helping at elementary schools, or volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Throughout the year, our students also volunteer in various capacities at local social service events and campus-based events to raise funds for a variety of organizations.

Students may also have the opportunity to serve abroad on international study and service trips.


Wednesday Activities and Electives


Every Wednesday, our schedule includes an afternoon activity slot. This provides an opportunity for students to take elective courses, participate in clubs, perform community service, or even create their own student-led activities. Some examples include: Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Applications; Videography; Debate and Current Events; Yoga; School of Rock: The History of Rock Music; Writing for Theater; Television and Film: A Social Platform; and Real Talk: Being a Woman in Today’s World. hg0088最新地址Wednesday electives and activities are selected before the start of the semester along with the rest of the student’s normal courses.